“Welcome to Tuiti Fruiti Beauti. This Salon & Spa was newly established in May 2016. The concept behind Tuiti Fruiti Beauti is to offer something a little bit different to other Bali Spa’s. 

All of the products that are offered to you for our treatments are fruit based 100% organic or 100% natural. We have carefully sourced all of our skin & hair care products and have chosen to use only locally produced handmade in Bali products. We have the support of Sensatia Botanicals, who we are using for our facials. For our hair & body treatments we are using both Utama Spice organic and Agung Bali Spa Product. All are locally made in Bali and employ local Indonesian people. Our Organic Sugar Wax is also produced in Bali. 

We offer Manicures & Pedicures with the option of either regular nail polish gel/shellac polish. We also do fruiti hair treatment. Upstairs is our quieter relaxing zone where we offer Fruiti Massages, Facials and Waxing treatments. When you walk into our Salon you will be met with all the wonderful fruiti aromas and a fun funky atmosphere. 

Enjoy your fruiti experience!


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