Hi, my name is Sharryn and I am the Australian owner of Tuiti Fruiti Beauti. My husband Wayne and I have been holidaying in Bali since we first went for our honeymoon back in 1982. It was a very different Bali then! It’s been wonderful watching Bali change and develop as a tourist destination over the years. As a regular visitor to Bali I always visit a salon or spa when I’m there. While I was in Bali last year I got an idea to start up my own salon. But I needed to do something different to make a success of it. 

By the time I found a suitable shop with a good location and did the renovation my business idea took nearly 12 months to come to fruition  The building that I have leased was formerly a “Burger Joint”. It took about four months to transform the two storey building into a salon with help of a local interior design team. The salon finally opened in early May 2016.

We are slowly building up the business and hope to get busier in the near future. I have had great support from friends and family who visit the salon when they are in Bali and spread the word to help up us get more well known. I have included some photos of the renovation process so you can see that it was a pretty big project. The salon is managed by a lovely local girl named is Princess. I plan to visit from Australia as often as I can throughout the year.

I wanted to create something bright and colourful that would stand out and attract customers. I chose four bright colours that dominate the décor and decided to use treatment products that had fruiti aromas. After a lot of research I found these products, but most important of all, the products are made locally in Bali - a high importance to my business strategy. 

I employed local Indonesian staff and also support my suppliers and their staff by only using products made in Bali.